The History of the Steppers Set at The Razz

The Rebirth
In March 2009 The Razz has re-opened with a First Friday Set and an every Saturday set!
The End (or Not)

Why start with a headline like the end? Please read on..

The Razz Ma Tazz became a steppers set in 1996 when DJ Shaun (Shaun Szymborski, a Columbia College graduate who worked as associate producer for Don Wade and Roma's morning show on news/talk WLS-AM (890), has been hired as morning host and assistant program director at WXNU-FM (106.5). The new Kankakee station, to be called "The X," will reveal its format Saturday.
Szymborski, known as Shaun Kelly on the air, most recently hosted weekends at WBCT-FM in Grand Rapids, Mich.) and Markie Bee (Retired) were faced with the closure of the club and it's conversion to a conference room by the management. The set at the time (a house set) had become too difficult for management and security to handle. Markie Bee convinced the vice president of the corporation that he and Shaun could convert the set to a more mature venue and they could do it in three weeks.

DJ ShaunMarkie BeeThe Beginning
In a meeting shortly thereafter, they proposed to management the club be converted from a house club to a steppers set. Management accepted and soon Techno was replaced by R&B. At the end of the promised three weeks, the club was a success!The club had steppers dance contests, Give-away's, and everyone had lots of fun. DJ Shaun and Markie Bee even appeared on Herb Kent's Steppin' at Club seven more than once. (The first time blue-eyed soul appeared there). May17th 1996

Andre Sallis

The André Sallis Era
After about three months of negotiation (led by DJ Shaun), Radio personality André Salis from V-103 was introduced for the first time as the club's celebrity host. Promotion from the radio station further grew the popularity of the "Only REAL steppers set in the south suburbs™"

André stayed the celebrity host right through the remodeling and (attempted) renaming of the club to BnJ's. (The reason the word attempted was used is because even to this day the brand name Razz Ma Tazz is still used throughout the city). During his time at the club celebrities visited and live feeds to the radio station happened at the club.

Willie Cox
Willie Cox
After DJ Shaun and Markie Bee left, Willie Cox took over the house DJ duties, bringing in his over 20 years of steppers DJ'ing experience to the plate. Willie worked at the club for about a year and a half before moving on. Willie is currently working in Indiana spreading Stepping to the masses with his own style.

DJ LaVelle CDJ LaVell C
LaVell C. Was DJ at the Razz after Willie Cox moved on. His claim to fame at the Razz was his midnight birthday shout-outs to people celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

Ron BrownRon Brown

 Ron Brown Joined the team at The Razz in August 2005 after LaVell's departure from the set. Ron Brings 30 years of musical experience as both a record shop owner and as a Steppin' DJ for the last 10+ years. Ron's energy and desire to keep our Steppers set as a pure classic old-school venue are a welcome addition. Ron appeared at the Razz Fridays after Herb Kent and  every Saturday  from 9 PM to 3 AM.

Herb KentHerb Kent
Currently the celebrity host is legendary radio hall of fame personality Herb Kent from V-103. Along with DJ Ron Brown the club continues to evolve as the "best club secret in the south suburbs" Herb appeared at the Razz every Friday. See Photos of Herb... CLICK HERE
With the exception of a short period, when the club was closed for a much needed remodeling (When the club took on the name BnJs until January 2005 when the name was changed back to Razz Ma Tazz), the steppers set at the Razz is the longest continuously running steppers set in the far south suburbs of Chicago.